Industrial Jewels & Glass
Balls, Lenses, Prisms, Windows, Bearings, Valves, Nozzles, Pins...
Metals & Alloys
Swiss Machining, Pivots, Shafts,
Gears, Pinions, Jewel Screws...
Balls, Valves, Bearings, Pistons, Cylinders, Rotors, Stators, Spacers...


Components for scientific, medical and optical instruments, gauges, and other applications

Precision machined, custom components and assemblies are manufactured from industrial jewels, glass, ceramic, carbide, alloy, or metal.

A preferred supplier to science and industry since 1948, Imetra has customers that range from the Fortune 500 to new technology startups.

Our customers:

Save time and resources finding the highest quality precision parts for their applications.

Eliminate difficulties with import documents, time zones, languages and foreign currency exchange.

Develop a primary and secondary source for multiple components and custom assemblies.