Celazole® PBI Material Properties

Celazole® is the highest performance engineering thermoplastic in the world outperforming polyimides, polyamides and polyketones.

Celazole® has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion and highest compressive strength of all unfilled plastics. At temperatures over 400°F, Celazole® possesses the highest heat resistance and mechanical property retention of any unfilled polymer. It is ideal for use in extreme temperatures where it provides better wear resistance and load carrying capabilities than any other reinforced or unreinforced engineering thermoplastic.

Having excellent ultrasonic transparency; unreinforced Celazole® is an ideal choice for parts such as probe tip lenses in ultrasonic measuring equipment.

Celazole® has the highest strength and rigidity of any unreinforced material. It also maintains excellent creep resistance to temperatures over 800°F. A superior wear material, it offers great thermal insulating properties and contains very low levels of impurities.

Applications: Ball valve seats, electrical connectors, high heat insulator bushings, clamp rings, vacuum chamber applications.

Celazole® PBI (typical values)

Density 0.047 lb/in2
Water Absorption Immersion, 24 hr % 0.4
Water Absorption Immersion Sat, % 5
Specific Gravity 1.3
Tensile Strength 20000 psi
Flexural Strength 32000 psi
Compressive Strength 50000 psi
Hardness, Rockwell M 125
Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic 0.24
Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic 5000 psi
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1.3in/in/°F x 10-5
Deflection Temperature 264 psi 800°F
Thermal Conductivity 2.8 BTU-in/(hr/ft2 °F)
Tg-Glass Transition (Amorphous) 750°F
Dielectric Strength, Short Term 550 Volts/mil
Surface Resistivity >1013 ohm/cm
Dielectric Constant, 1MHz 3.2
Dissipation Factor, 1MHz 0.003

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