Fused Silica Glass Material Properties

Fused Silica Glass (SiO2), has high chemical resistance, good thermal shock resistance, very strong in compression and the electrical insulation performance is good. With a low thermal expansion coefficient and high light transmittance it is a good selection for demanding ball lens applications in the ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectra.

Applications for precision balls include: lenses, fiber optics, bar code readers, medical devices, insulators, electronics, optical measurement

Fused Silica Glass

chemical composition SiO2
specific density 2.2 g/cm3
Young’s modulus 7280 kg/mm2
Poisson’s ratio 0.17
Vickers hardness 900~1030 kg/mm2
thermal expansion coefficient 5.5×10-7 cm/cm°C
thermal conductivity ratio (100°C) 3.27×10-3 cal/cm • sec • °C
specific heat (26°C) 0.176 cal/g • °C
annealing point 1160°C
softening point 1700°C
birefringence (strain) 10nm/cm and under
*values are for guidance only

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