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With hardness second to diamond, (9 on the MOH Scale), high temperature resistance, chemical inertness and its wide range of optical transmission from the UV to the IR range it is the material of choice in many demanding applications.


Our machining and finishing capabilities offer you a wide range of geometries, combined with the capability to produce assemblies, press-fitted, bonded, swaged or other. Metalization and protective varnish available.


  • Prisms, Lenses, Windows
  • Bearings & Wear Parts
  • Balls & Second Operations
  • Pistons & Valves
  • Probes & Light Conductors
  • Knife Edges
  • Pivots & Shafts
  • LASER Rods
Sapphire Crystal StructuresMaterial CharacteristicsPistons and ShaftsCartridges
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Please include the following specifications in your request for quotation:

  • Crystallographic Orientation
  • Flatness
  • Parallelism / Cylindricity
  • Surface Finish
  • Sphericity and/or Angular Tolerances
  • Optical: Transmission / Wavelength

We can assure you of first quality components produced at economical prices. Engineering assistance available.

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